Our Story

United behind a common mission of building and sustaining community and deeper connection with the Earth, a diverse group of individuals and organizations have joined together to form the Topa Institute.

As a retreat center, Topa offers workshops, classes, and conferences that deepen senses of community and connection with the more-than-human world. From our ridge in the Topatopa Mountains, we nourish the legacy of The Ojai Foundation, the roots of its longstanding Council practice, and the creation of intercultural connections that have thrived on the ridge for so many years. 

Topa Institute offers a wide range of arts and culture programming inherited from our co-founding organization Yiddishkayt. These programs aim to cultivate and support artists and scholars whose work centers historically underrepresented, non-dominant cultures. We bring artists together to explore the relationship between the center and the margins in culture, all while increasing access to artistic opportunities.

The transition to Topa Institute is unfolding over the next few months, and we invite our community to join us in creating our new future together! Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for programming or stewarding the land.

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