Dragon Ridge

Land Sanctuary

This area of the Upper Ojai Valley was envisioned for a community devoted to artistic, agricultural, and educational projects. This is Chumash land, which for centuries prior to the Spanish arrival in the 16th century had long been the home of Indigenous people devoted to creative practices in art, agriculture, and wisdom. For the last five decades, programs on the 36–acre ridge have drawn countless people to deepen the connections between human potential, landscape, and spirit.

Our Offerings

Council Retreats & Workshops

Holistic Sustainability

In partnership with local organizations and individuals, we offer programs that provide education in regenerative land and water practices, ecology, permaculture, seed-keeping, herbalism, fire-safety clearance, and natural building. Holistic Sustainability programs include opportunities to tend the land and engage participants of all ages in historical practices and future possibilities for mutually beneficial human relationships with Earth.

Nature Connection

These programs increase our connection to the more-than-human world, facilitating mental health and mindfulness by embedding our bodies in the wider ecosystem. Nature Connection activities include guided nature walks and exploration, plant identification, awareness games, crafts utilizing what we find in our natural environment, and exploring ecosystems. Youth and adult groups engaging with their place feel more at home, foster respectful relationships with the Earth, and grow their curiosity toward meaningful lifelong connections with the natural world.

Nature Connection
Land Memory & Justice

Land Memory & Justice

These programs connect with local Indigenous elders and communities to facilitate truth-telling about the injustices carried out on this land and wider region. Not only do they hold space for the complex histories of local communities, but Land Memory and Justice programs also seek to link these stories with contemporary issues of labor, migration, incarceration, and racism. We intend for this work to radiate outward from Ojai, setting an example for greater Ventura County as it grapples with legacies of displacement and destruction.

“I had the pleasure to participate on a Natural Building workshop, there is something magical when you learn that you can create shelter using only what the Earth gives you, using only your hands and feet!”

— Carly | Natural Building Workshop

Land Rental

Run your own retreat, workshop, or event on this awe-inspiring land. Located in the heart of the Ojai Valley with spectacular views of the Topatopa mountains. Surrounded by natural beauty and inspiring community and creativity.

Interested in renting our space?